Smart Lighting and switch current status question - classic

Is there a way to check current status for a contact switch in smart lighting.

For example, if I open a door at 8:00pm is there a way to set a virtual switch at 10:00pm based on it still being open?,…will then use it with the virtual switch to trigger a message with Alexa to close the door.

It doesn’t seem to work, even though the associated contact switch is showing open at 10:00pm in My Home. The smart lighting routine to set the switch doesn’t execute.

I think I can do it with core, but wanted something more basic.

Try a custom rule in Classic’s SHM solution? You can select your open/close sensor, and tell it to monitor when the sensor is open for a period of time (the “for how long” option). You can’t specify a specific time, but maybe duration is what you’re ultimately looking for?

I use an “Auto lock” smart app that automatically locks my door after x minutes, if it is left unlocked…
Isn’t that basically what you are looking for…?
Or do I misunderstand your question .? :grin:

Thanks, but actually, I have a contact sensor on my garage door and need a reminder so I don’t leave it open all night…again!

I purchased one of the go control z wave garage openers and that has answered all of my solutions for this as my wife and I used to leave the garage door open all the time. Thankfully the neighbor across the street will txt us if it is open. I just have an automation setup for 2030 to run the good night scene. Hope this helps

Looks like you’re on the V3 STSC app, and that leads to another question since I’m still on “classic”…I’m truly guessing but I would think that the go control still shows as some type of switch to accomplish this, and I’m wondering if the new rules engine has the ability to check current “real time” status. That would accomplish what I need.

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry got busy with work. Yes the go control shows real time status for how the door is currently positioned. It uses a tilt sensor to tell if it is open or jot and not a contact sensor. I hope I answered what you needed.

I know nothing about the classic app. I started with the new app and haven’t touched the classic. Figured learn on the new.

Justin Wombwell