Smart Life integration (July 2020)

In the WebCore device selector my 2 Smartlife bulbs were hidden under capability group 2, refreshable devices

Alguém conseguiria me ajudar a configurar as cenas da Smart LIfe no smartthings?
Eu importei mas todas as cenas ficam com status offline.

Let us know if the Tuya integration is any better.


@Paul_Oliver Tuya is EXACTLY the same. Same login screen, same Chinese characters, same off-line scenes. Color and logos are the only differences. So disappointing. I struggle with why any company would launch with such a poor implementation. Then I remember the Smartthings new app.

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The only difference I saw between the Smartlife and Tuya intrigations was that the Tuya integration did not end with an error message. And when you look on linked services the imported scenes are listed under Tuya, unlike Smartlife which is blank. So there is some improvement.

I left my devices in the Smartlife app, but used the Tuya Smart integration.

By Tuya integrations, did you mean TuyaSmart?

@MrFresh - Yes. TuyaSmart

I tried both apps (Smart Life and TuyaSmart). both end up with the same result.
A list of offline Tap-to-Run imported from each (respectively). None of my attempts to refresh succeeded.
I followed several recommendations including changing the device name and room. Nothing helped so far.
I’m still trying to make it work without a “3rd party” rule engine :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have other suggestions for me to try. Appreciate any help I can get.

Try to operate the devices in the classic app. This should wake them up long enough to create automations in the new app. I combine each on and off automation for a device with a single virtual switch.
I have personally reverted to using webcore for this automation because it does not care about the status of the on/off automations.
After I have the virtual switch linked to the on/off automations, I hide the on/off automations because they are always offline.
The new virtual switches work regardless of the status of the on/off automations.

thanks @Paul_Oliver. I followed your lead to webcore :slight_smile:

Just posting my experience with integrating tuya and smartthings. Using the new smartthings app and also tuya smartlife.

How I get them to communicate is like being said before using scene, but like others have said it shows the device as off-line thus preventing automation to be created. My work around for this is to use a third app call sharptools, what I do there is create a widget with the smartlife scene, test it, delete the widget, then go back to the smartthings then it allows you to create the automation.


Note sure it it has been mentioned so apologies if it already has…

I have found that changing the Device Type in the IDE from ‘placeholder’ to ‘Virtual Switch’ brings the Trigger online and available just like a normal switch in ST. So no need to create additional Switches or Scenes in ST to get them to work properly. The two I changed to Virtual Switches have remained working and online for over two days now, cannot say they will remain like that indefinitely but they are working at the moment. Occasionally when going into the Device it does state Offline but then backing out and going into it again it is online. Either way this is far easier than having to create separate virtual switches etc.

So add the On/Of Triggers in Globe Suite/Smart Life etc. (I created TOGGLE switches, just makes sense rather than On/Off ones as others have said) then add the Triggers/devices into ST and change the Device Types in the IDE to be ‘Virtual Switch’
Remember that this is also not two-way so if you have more than one Trigger for one switch ST may not reflect the correct power state if you use both at the same time.

Cannot guarantee it will work for you but it does for me, well so far lol. Oh I used Globe Suite this time round but will try the same approach with the other apps when I have some time.

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Thanks for the information.
I have not seen anyone post that solution before.

Thanks @chippie. It did not work for me with the Tuya app, but maybe I’ll re-pair the devices to Smart Life and try ii there.

:clap: Congrats

Give it a shot with the GlobeSuite app. I just added two ceiling lights and the ‘Smart Scenes’ ‘Triggers’ work great once you change the type to be Virtual Switch. I seem to be getting more Offline statuses now when I go into the Device in ST but backing out then back in they come up as online. However, they integrate without any issue into SmartThings Scenes etc. so either way you still save yourself the step of creating another virtual device.

EDIT: I am going to sit down and try several other Device Types in the IDE. May get lucky with one that may keep them online permanently behind the scenes…

I wouldn’t mess with the Type for cloud integrations like this. These aren’t devices that use Groovy at all. Tuya should be contacted and they should fix their integration if it isn’t working correctly.


TOTALLY AGREE! They should fix the integration but sadly they are not, the integration is a total mess. Let’s face it the devices should simply just come through to ST and they do not, we should not have to jump through hoops by creating Triggers etc. in their apps. In all the cases I have raised with them (GS/TUYA/SL, all the same people at the end of the line I guess) the reply has been that the device does not support ST. It is very difficult to actually get to exchange messages with someone that has any knowledge of anything outside the basic app, which is understandable of course but also frustrating. The requests just get closed stating that the device is not compatible with ST when it clearly is, just a complete lack of knowledge sadly. Well that is my experience from a while back, may be better now I guess.

The only Integration/System i have found that works flawlessly is Meross, all their devices just appear in ST. Also, the Meross support is second to none, I had a fix in place for a ST<>Power Strip integration within two hours of messaging them (no I do not work for them lol). This is how SmartLife/GlobeSuite/Tuya should all work but unfortunately it is a complete mess. Maybe one day they will fix it all up but not holding my breath lol.

Changing the Device Type will have no long term effect at all. If it does not work then change it back and worst case reboot your hub. In all my years of writing/re-writing DH’s i have never ever had single issue that was not resolved by simply changing the Device Type back. There are DH’s that you would not try of course, bit of common sense will dictate this by the name.

BUT you are right Jimmy, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, sorry I should have said that to start with :slight_smile:


Has anyone asked Tuya what devices are supported with the SmartThings integration?

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If you open each device in the Smartlife app and hit the edit icon it will list the “3rd party controls” that are available for that device.
I only have 3 Smartlife devices. They all list Alexa and Google. One lists Tmall Genie (Alibaba smart speaker). None list Smartthings or IFTTT.
But any Smartlife automations you create get intergrated with Smartthings.