Smart leak didnt work and my app also not functioning

i am thinking to return all this smartthings. my smart leak device worked ( had orange light ) but app didn’t send text or notification.
also main screen is not working
here is screen shot. can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: You’re not doing anything wrong. Something that the company did yesterday broke smart home monitor, with many people reporting that the first screen is just stuck on loading.

You can report it to support and see if they have any suggestions for either of your problems:

If you check the other thread, you’ll see that people with android phones are reporting if they update to the newest app version, 2.2.3, that is fixing the smart home monitor loading problem.

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The latest release of the phone app did that for SHM. Please email support.

As for the notification not working, I’m not sure without getting more detail from you on how you have alarm configurations set up.

Hey @ramram, looks like you’re on an Android phone, right? (just confirming) I am too but I’m not having this issue with SHM. Did you update to v2.2.3 yet? ST published v2.2.2, and then quickly released v2.2.3 last night to address a bug they released.

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thank you all. problem solved. but i returned water leak. i already have honeywell thermostat, i am going to add honeywell water leak detector. that one has alarm and work with wifi.