Smart key device

Hi there,

i was wondering if there is a device that acts as a smart key
THink of keyless entry like a car.
I wonder if there is a device similar out there that would i could integrate with smarthings

Depends on what your looking to do. Our phones unlock our door, turn on lights and set the thermostat to home/away using presence. The wife’s also announces when she arrives.


lets say, to unlock a main door?
i know that presence is not accurate enough, i can be a couple of blocks away and still being recognised as being near.

Im looking more somthing that has a short distance, just like keyless entry of a car
i have been reading about ibeacons, but i dont have a iphone

You want a NFC chip. They are cheap and if you have an android phone you can use that as the trigger. You would need some type of custom integration with Smartthings.

There are Bluetooth locks out there that give you the short range, but I’m not sure if they’re compatible with ST.

Thanks. I tried the NFC tags. It works but not as well as I would like.
For example your phone has to be unlock for the NFC to work properly. Alternatively I would need to root my phone which I’m not really something I would like to do.

And lastly the response time is sometime iffy and so does the placement of the phone.

What about your home WiFi as the trigger? If you have an Android phone, you can use Tasker and SharpTools to control ST. Something like, if ST is in away mode and I connect to the home WiFi, then unlock the door (assuming that if ST is in Away mode then you are outside of the house). Or like @neod192 said, you can use a Bluetooth lock.


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interesting, something like signal strength might be even closer

The SmartThings presence sensors only connect to the zwave/zigbee mesh. So if you have a solid mesh this could also be an option. You mentioned something about timing and in my experience these tend to take a minute or two before ST recognizes them as being present.

Edit: or what I originally meant to write but forgot is a minimote which almost perfectly fits what you are looking for.

A lot of people have been really happy with using the following geofence solution which uses Googles Fused Location provider via AutoLocation:

Very interesting Joshua. I’ll keep that in mind. Already have sharptools and tasker… I’ll play around with autolocation. Sure it’s not a elegant solution but until something comes out … I guess that will do. I will let you guys know how it turns out

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What about this?
someone create a DTH :slight_smile:

A more elegant method?