Smart Home Monitor

Hi Todd,

There tons of things you can do, and I know it can be overwhelming, but hang in there. BTW, you might want to remove your phone number from your most recent post.

Let’s start answering a few of your questions. First, SHM isn’t something you download like a typical custom app, but it should be in the Marketplace if you’ve never set it up before. Please NOTE, SHM is different in the Classic app compared to the new app.

Second, there are tons of other posts that will help you with this, and many other ST stuff. I know some of them can be long, but it’s worth your time finding and reading through these, especially since you’re new.

Yes there are, as well as a few very good device handlers (DTH) and smartapps. I use @RBoy’s code for both the DTH and the app, which he does charge a small fee for, but well worth every penny. The link is below for more detail about the app and DTH. I don’t use a button controller, like Aeon’s device, instead I use Lowe’s Iris keypad. It works great, it let’s you use individual codes, and has been very reliable for me.

Yes there are, but ST and the previous gen Lowe’s aren’t. This is a popular question, so try searching for people’s recommendations and experiences. This is what I use, and it works great with our medium size dog, and average cat (RBoy has a DTH for this too):

ST can’t do that “out of the box”, but you may be able to get creative with IFTTT (another good tool to learn about).

I don’t do something like this, but I believe @RBoy’s app may do this. Be sure to read up on that link, any maybe pose your question there if it’s not already answered.

This is how I arm SHM. I use a combination of mobile presence (phones) and ST’s arrival/presence sensors in my cars. After some fine tuning to my geofence, and ensuring I had a zigbee repeater in the garage (highly recommended), this has been working very well for me. Again, lots of posts in the Community about use cases just like this one.

It depends on what you want to do and if the built-in ST functionality doesn’t do what you want. Many people use the WebCore smartapp to get very creative with ST. Search for that too. Some folks like me have created little apps to fill in gaps that ST can’t really do vs. using larger apps like WebCore. Again, it all depends. I think you’ll figure that out as you learn more and see what others are doing.

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