Smart home monitor Siren still sounds after disarming

I have all the traditional daily timed and Geolocation events setup to Arm and Disarm the STHM. I guess that you’ve never accidentally triggered the STHM. I believe this thread is referring to those times outside the normal daily routine when the STHM Intrusion event is accidentally triggered which will turn on the Siren configured in the STHM Response. Because there are various circumstances that can happen in my life, outside the normal daily routine, where I’ve inadvertently caused the STHM Intrusion event to be accentually and falsely triggered causing the configured STHM Siren to go off. At least now I can just Disarm the system by voice command or smart button before the STHM Intrusion response turns on the configured Siren and the Automation will turn off the Siren immediately since the system is Disarmed. Because after the STHM is accedenally triggered, then I have to find my glasses, then find my smart device, turn it on, unlock it, find the SmartThings ICON, open the SmartThings app, wait for the SmartThings app to come up, and then finally press the Dismiss on the STHM which is a lot to do before the configured STHM Siren delay time expires and turns on the Siren.


Did anyone ever solve this problem and manage to implement the simulated sensor with the 30 second delay? I have exactly the same problem. The automation above does turn the siren off for me - after a couple of seconds, but I want to use the Home Monitor primarily via action tiles on a tablet by the front door. Using the phone app isn’t really practical when there are multiple children and a wife using the system.

I think I’ve sorted this - it looks like SmartThings now allow a delay before notification. I set this to 30 seconds and seems to have fixed the problem!