Smart Home Monitor (SHM) will not stay disarmed

I cannot keep my SHM in disarm moved. It keeps randomly changing modes, almost instantly after setting it to disarm. My house only has 2 people, which from the rules both must leave before changing routines. SmartThings detects both of us home.

A couple things come to mind that might cause this.

  1. Even though you both show as Present, check the activity log for both presence devices to see if they might have mysteriously left and then arrived again. If so, you may have too small an Action delay time in your ‘Goodbye!’ routine. I’ve found values < 2 minutes to be unreliable.
  2. It’s possible you have a similar mode issue to the one I just resolved (knock on wood). See the details in my other post, here. Just perform all the steps in order, in one fell swoop. Also, be certain you write down or take screenshots of the stuff you delete, so you can restore it all.

Regarding #2 (above), other actions in the Routines would execute okay, but mode would not change (or it changed back so quick as to go undetected in the mobile app). As a result, other actions that were dependent upon the mode change failed.