Smart Home Monitor 'Right Now'

(Scott Taylor) #1

The ‘Status’ and ‘History’ have data, but the ‘Right Now’ tab on any of my devices has never had anything.

Anyone else see the same, or am I missing something?

(Glenn Brockett) #2

Can you screen capture the “Right Now” screen? Mine is fine.

(Mark) #3

If it’s never had anything, did you ever configure SHM to monitor any of your door or window sensors?

(Scott Taylor) #4

Here it is. This is from my iPad, but my Android devices have the same issue

(Scott Taylor) #5

I do not have any door or window sensors, but have a bunch of Smartthing water detectors, cameras, switches and a Zen Thermostat. I assumed that the status of those devices would have been visible in the ‘Right Now’, guess not.

(Glenn Brockett) #6

On that window only sensors set up for your “Armed” states show up. Go to the individual device and look at the “Right Now” tab.

(Scott Taylor) #7

Thanks, appreciate the reply and learning.

(Glenn Brockett) #8

Nothing else to do at work today. :slight_smile:

(Scott Taylor) #9

I wish I could say that! :slight_smile:

(Glenn Brockett) #10

Unless there is a train wreck, I have very little to do. (I work in a rail control center.)

(Scott Taylor) #11

Hope you’re bored silly!

(Mark) #12

Yeah I think that’s what I was trying to get at. If there’s nothing configured in SHM’s security settings there would be no devices to see “right now.”

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #13

Right Meow