Smart Home Monitor Q

(Erik Thayer) #1

Any chance we’ll be able to add multiple instances of this to our dashboard? It would be really cool to be able to secure a wine cellar, or garage with this.

I’m thinking about something similar to @geko’s Smart Alarm, just with the ability to interface my Lock Code Manager app into it without the need for HTTP[S!] calls in order to disarm a zone. SHM is inherently more robust given that ST has the ability to create their backend methods to support it. I really hope they offer the ability to create multiple ZONES in the future, as @geko does in his app.

It would be really cool to hit a button and secure the wine cellar, see that everything is set right from the dashboard and still be able to open my front door to my house without something freaking out. Zones for the win!

I’m really curious to see the dashboard fill out in the future. It’s looking really sad having only one thing there. I doubt that SmartThings will leave this tab so empty for too much longer. (a hope)

(Daniel) #2

I agree. The dashboard should be something I should be able to add things that are important to me. For a “Home page” it does not give you much information.
I like the framework, now we need the ability to add things.

(Dennis ) #3

I strongly agree we need to have ability to add/remove at will.