Smart Home Monitor over MQTT

Building on, I created a SmartApp that publishes SHM states over MQTT, and sets SHM based on MQTT inputs.

The code is at This is tailored to be used with Home Assistant’s MQTT panel, hence the switch that transforms some of the values before they’re sent to the MQTT bridge.

Next up, I want to integrate the alarm states, which are published under the “Security” event rather than the “alarmSystemStatus” event.

A lot of credit goes to How to set Smart Home Monitor status from SmartApp for providing necessary insight into controlling SHM via a SmartApp.

Is this a release or a beta? :sunglasses:

Beta until I add support for alarm states. Right now, intrusions aren’t reported to MQTT.

I’m literally writing that piece now, but as they’re different events in SmartThings, I wanted to release this piece to start.

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Intrusion detection is challenging enough that I’m prepared to call this a release:

Nice work!

Following up on the “intrusion” piece of this, I haven’t yet been able to sort out how, if at all, the hub exposes those events. My SmartApp code reliably sets the alarm state, so falling back to the SmartThings app to dismiss alerts doesn’t seem terribly burdensome (those should be infrequent, I hope :slight_smile:). If I’m ever able to capture the intrusion events, I’ll certainly add support for those triggers in the MQTT alarm panel.

Hello, wondering if you managed to do some progress on this, found your post really useful. If you need some beta tester… here you have one!

btw, is there anyway you could set the alarm publishing into the topic the status needed?


Unfortunately, I was never able to find where the Intrusion alerts were exposed. That said, it’s probably been a year since I last checked. I’ll have to find some time to look again.

Hi @ethitter any luck on the SHM alert events you where working?