Smart Home Monitor not triggering alarm correctly/timely

I just set up my Honeywell 20p panel to talk to SmartThings via redloro’s excellent app here, and it all seems to be working fine. I can have the smartthings app monitor the status of all my sensors and arm/disarm my alarm. The problem is what happens when an alarm is triggered.

For testing purposes, I armed the instant away alarm, then opened a door. The siren in the house triggered properly, and in the SmartThings app I could see that a door was in the “alarm” state and that the system overall was in an alarm state. But I have the Home Monitor set up to send me a text and turn on all the Hue lights as soon as an alarm is triggered. That’s either not happening, or it’s extremely delayed (1+ minute, I’m not exactly sure because I’m going crazy from hearing the alarm going off during all this testing!). The Status page of the Home Monitor says “Everything OK”, and under the Right Now tab it says “Porch Door is Alarm”.

What’s going on here? Why isn’t this functioning correctly?

Reboot Hub. There was a recent update. See if that fixes the issue.

Nope. It’s running Firmware 000.017.00014 before and after rebooting.