Smart Home Monitor new icons?

Am I going crazy, or did the SHM icons change? No app update, so I’m guessing this is something that is rendered via the web.

Funny, I saw them this morning as well and thought they are different. 2 can’t be wrong right?

I had the same thought.

No, my mother had me tested. (Though she never took me for that “follow up” visit.)

If I were wrong, I would know it! :grin:

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I think you are correct, was…

New icons, new broken features? I haven’t been getting push notification since last night…Looks like my broken contacts is broken for good now. Anyone else having notification problems?

my push notifications have been working fine today.

Are you using the “my contacts”?

I am using “my contacts” and it’s working.

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Nope (10char)