Smart Home Monitor new icons?

(Jimmy) #1

Am I going crazy, or did the SHM icons change? No app update, so I’m guessing this is something that is rendered via the web.

(Ray) #2

Funny, I saw them this morning as well and thought they are different. 2 can’t be wrong right?


I had the same thought.

No, my mother had me tested. (Though she never took me for that “follow up” visit.)

If I were wrong, I would know it! :grin:

(Kevin) #4

I think you are correct, was…

(Bobby) #5

New icons, new broken features? I haven’t been getting push notification since last night…Looks like my broken contacts is broken for good now. Anyone else having notification problems?

(Jimmy) #6

my push notifications have been working fine today.

(Bobby) #7

Are you using the “my contacts”?

(Ray) #8

I am using “my contacts” and it’s working.

(Jimmy) #9

Nope (10char)