Smart Home Monitor LIVE!

Same here, no water or smoke sensors and see them in SHM

@SBDOBRESCU, I had the same issue not too long ago and I had to email support and have them nuke the entire thing and start over.

Thanks, I really don’t want to start over. I’ll wait until they enable the uninstall option.

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WOW! I didn’t have to wait long! This has been fixed…I was able to uninstall both the smoke and the leaks today…

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Yes, I can uninstall items in the SHM with new Android update today.

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be still my heart… time to see what’s changed…

I can certainly see how icons for groups load differently than before, but my biggest complaint is the app 100% always crashing in less than a minute…oh well, I’ll update my ticket with the latest “it’s still broke” message.

I added a Custom monitor in SHM. However, it does not appear in the SHM screen. Only Security and Smoke are there. Do you know how to get the Custom monitor displayed in SHM?

Other question, I saw some screen shots above showing some other items in the main Dashboard beside SHM. What are they, and how I can get them in the Dashboard? My Dashboard currently only shows SHM

People who previously had V1 of the app had something called “shortcut groups” and when they updated, their old groups came over to the dashboard. That’s probably what you’re seeing. Once the last device in one of those groups has been deleted, the groups go away and you can’t get them back. Nor can you add them new.

As best I know, there’s no way at present to get a custom alerts to show up on the dashboard either. It’s one of the features I’m hoping for.

You can’t/don’t unfortunately. Seems like you should be able to and then scroll through them, but instead you get just a empty space to look at.

There are some users still on hub v1 that haven’t migrated, which causes you to lose those Dashboards. Also, new hub v2 users don’t see anything but SHM.

It’s a waste of space in the Dashboard if it only shows SHM

Yes, but from what ST has been saying, more is coming to that space…

I was having the same issue with the unlock, disarm and intrusion still detected. I sent a ticket and received the following reply from @karl “We should be adding delays to Smart Home Monitor soon. Also, when we add Smart Locks, that should be able to trigger events on it’s own.” Thanks for the update Karl!

On a side note, I did find a workaround. I had been using @ethayer’s Lock Code Manager [Depricated] Lock Code Manager which worked great except the alarm problem. I have since switched to @RBoy’s Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications and Advanced Scheduling and it has the option to Disarm Smart Home Monitor built right in. This has worked without issue all day today. It does cost $10 to get the code but I liked the Thermostat device type and apps so it has been well worth the money.

That doesn’t make any sense to me.

You state ST is going to add a delay to the SMH intrusion detection for the use in their own solution. They are going to support SmartLocks themselves, so they have been testing this for sure.

I have used my app to deactivate a SMH with ease. Simply make a routine action to disable the alarm and also turn on the light. When the light turns on, you know the system is ready. (less than 3 seconds)

How does this magically circumvent the push delay in the communication between the lock and ST? The issue in this scenario and is what ST is solving themselves by adding a slight delay in intrusion detection. The Zigbee ST multi-sensor will always report open before the door can report a code use as long as the user opens the door immediately after entering a code (typical use case). That much I can test.

I am no expert by any means but the experience I was having while using the unlock of my front door to activate I’m Back routine kept activating the door intrusion. The disarm would show up in the activity feed with the same time stamp but after the door opened.
The other lock manager app has a deactivate smart home monitor option.

Ooh, and I am using a Kwickset 910 and Aeon Labs recessed door sensor, both ZWave.

Interesting. You may have just been lucky? Part of the reason that I didn’t provide a toggle for SHM is that a user can easily include it in a routine… which is better IMO since you can also toggle something… (a light?) to confirm success.

Just saying, paying $10 doesn’t guarantee results. I can also integrate a toggle, but I doubt it will make a difference in timing vs routine. Milage will vary.


I disarm SHM both by routine and Rboy’s code. I also have my door auto unlock on presence which is 100% solid for me…and happens prior to my opening the door which I’d guess allows enough time for things to process.

Previously I did have instances where routine / mode change did not disarm SHM. II have not had an issue with SHM disarm since using both routine and Rboy’s app. I’m not sure which path is responsible but it works :smile:

yes it is timing… think you were lucky I have tested with eathens app which I use and if you wait 2 secs or so after unlocking door before opening… no alarm… off course this is not acceptable there should be a delay option

Can someone please help me… I’m looking to set automatic switches on SHM, so that when my phone is detected as left, it enables the SHM to ARM (Away) and when I return, it automaticly sets it to DISARM?

You may want to use the routines if your mobile presence is solid.

Goodbye! - trigger when everybody is away, switch mode to “away” and set SHM to armed - away.

I am back! - trigger when somebody comes back home. Switch mode to Home. Set SHM to disarmed.

Goodnight: based on sunset or at specific time or manually. Switch mode to Night. Set SHM to armed/stay

Good morning: based in any condition, sunrise, things start happening etc, specific time etc. switch mode to Home from night.

Hope this helps.

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