Smart Home Monitor & iPhone as presence sensor

In the Smart Home Monitor, I have a Samsung Smartthings Camera set to turn on and arm the SHM to armed when my iPhone leaves the house. This all works as set up however when I am away and I open the Smartthings app ( latest version) to view the camera, my Bluetooth link to my vehicle indicates that I am trying to call myself. No call is completed and the radio returns then it attempts to call me again. Cannot figure out why this is happening.

The camera has audio so it’s more than likely trying to play the audio through Bluetooth but the communication is misreading whats going on. At least that’s my theory.

Turn off Bluetooth when you want to look at the cameras until a software fix is available. Could be you car, could be SmartThings, could be that it will never workout. At least there is a temp solution while you are trying to work through it.

Does it work correct in other modes? If so, then this makes absolutely no sense to me. I can’t see why location mode has anything to do with the issue. Check it while in Home Mode, Sleep Mode, etc…I would bet that you would have the same issue.

Makes sense about the audio. I will set it up in other modes to see what happens. Thank again

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