Smart Home Monitor history

Is it a common issue that Smart Home Monitor shows no history… ever ?
Same as individual open close sensors, no open close history

Hmmm, interesting observation. I don’t see anything in Messages for events from STHM, even though I see smoke alerts from a couple individual devices. I’ll have to pay closer attention.

I do see history for mine (using stock DTH’s):

I was really hopping it was common John, now I gota stop being lazy and fig it out,

Open close sensors are Smartthings , I get temp and vibration but no open close

STHM history looks like this to me

Stock DTHs for Smartthings devices no added STHM smart apps

Very odd indeed for you. I found the STHM history:

My sensors are those Iris ones, but they should be using the same DTH as your sensors, at least you’d think so. Mine are using “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”, how about yours?

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Smartthings multi sensors which is correct, all looks normal in the IDE ?
Confused am i

Lol, chalk it up to the typical ST weirdness we see (all too often lately). The IDE doesn’t show anything odd either:

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Checked history in the IDE, only showing same as in app so nothing is missing between the 2, also it is NOT configured as garage sensor

Maybe a new battery will help along with a small dance to the ST gods, perhaps an offering or maybe show it a hammer… see if I can scare it into action :grin:

Lmao, good luck!

Not even a new battery and some inappropriate language helped
It refuses to show open close, infact open close is not even an option in the activity list for the device

Removed the device from ST and re added it, no improvement

Open close still not showing in history for the device.

Must be an ST issue somewhere, nothing more I can do to get history of open close on the device or history in STHM

Error report sent to ST via the app

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That stinks, and very weird too. Are all your open/close sensors doing this?

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Yes John, all both of them, both ST multi sensors V4 according to the IDE

Hmm I wonder if I change device type, are there other open close DTs in the IDE ?

AHA… above you said you were using the smartsense multi sensor, I have been using the Smartthings multi sensor DT, perhaps legacy from way back when but now I have changed to your smartsense it all works very well indeed, open close now shows in history, vibration shows … vibration happened and the x y axis indicator goes mad when the door opens

Hazaa, thank you John, we got there :grin:

The original post was no history in Smart Home monitor, now Smartthings multi sensors have had there device types changed from
Smartthings multi sensor
Smartsense multi sensor
All activities are recorded in History per device AND STHM now shows event history

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Excellent news!

After a check some time later
Device removed and re added
Gives correct readings

Same device type but different device with only the IDE device type changed
Incorrect readings

Hopefully, removing and re adding will resolve the issue

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Being lazy and having a cat sat on me has made me find an alternative solution, checking the IDE for the device showing incorrect readings it appears I have more than 1 Smartsense multi monitor option selections with no tangible difference between them, a different Smartsense multi monitor option is now selected and saved which is currently returning corrected information as expected from the capabilities of the device
Will keep a watch on this as the previous selection of device type seemed fine to start with