Smart Home Monitor - Feature Requests

So my samiCam is connected to this, and then it dawns on me, there’s no way to limit the trigger(s) that start the camera clip…
So, in my case ( contacts aside), with motions on the front and back door and the camera on the front…
So the rear motion fires when armed, and I get a nice clip of nothing going on in the front. Disregarding this being a ridiculous waste of resources, the clip of the front provides no value whatsoever.
This camera itself supports motion detection, adding this trigger into ST would be one way dealing with this.
However I think a more universal way of implementing this would be to allow the previously selected monitored devices to be available for each selection with each camera to trigger the recording.
So the alarm goes of, and you only capture clips where there’s something happening.

Anyone else? Anyone out there actually using cameras with SHM yet?

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I’m using a samsung cam with SHM. I see your point with the camera in the front not capturing activity from the back. However I think there is value for any audio that might be captured in the video clip.

I am not impressed with the notifications from the camera. Specifically I couldn’t find a way to make it only notify me of motion when I’m not home, so I had to turn notification off. I do think the video quality is great.

And now they are back to being inconsistent.

Status change notification by push message!

I would love to see a delay for when it is classified as an alert.

Example - I have a motion sensor in the garage that is added to SHM for armed mode. If a friend comes into the garage and unlocks my door (Kwikset zwave), it still lists it as an intruder. However, in this case since the door was unlocked within seconds of the motion being sensed, it should really be canceled…or delayed.

Basically, if X happens within Y seconds of SHM Alert trigger, do not mark as alert. In the example above, if zwave lock is unlocked within 10 seconds of motion, then do not mark as an alert that tripped the system.

I thought most security systems gave you a grace period of a few seconds to disarm them? This would be a similar feature. Unlocking the door with a keycode is the equivalent of entering a code on a alarm pad.

Most residential security systems allow for an optional 30 second delay.

Yep, that’s exactly what we need as an option! Perhaps even specify a length of time and start the cameras immediately just in case this is an actual alert.

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Yep need a delay do that can be disarned at panel

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I would love to see a delay option as well. I have one of these keypads working (has a temperature sensor too!):
It’s functionality is a bit hampered by not having a delay option (unless I mount it outside, I guess)

Interesting! Can you give instructions on how you got it integrated??

I’ll probably publish a device type/SmartApp later this week, time (and SO) permitting. It’s still a bit rough around the edges and has a bunch of debug and testing code in it that I want to clean up.


Right now lots of us need a device like that,

here is version 1 of my alarm panel using smart titles and customization… basically everything is green at night when all settles down… red to show something… temps go a little different colors based on values


Just curious how that is working out…what device type etc…and where did you buy that…it looks perfect for what my needs will be…


I second this. Haven’t seen this device yet, @mitchp. How do you have it working with ST?

I’m writing a device handler and a smart app to manage codes and SHM event subscription. It’s working out pretty well, better once I figured out what they were doing to get the keypad to show the right system state (using undocumented/non-spec commands). I need to polish the code a bit and time is tight, so hopefully this week.

I purchased it from an eBay seller. It’s sold as part of the Xfinity security system. Centralite 3400-X if you’re trying to find them.

I’m kind of surprised that ST didn’t have this as one of their new “Things.” It’s a very nice looking keypad, fits the ST aesthetic and would have been a good companion to SHM.

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Oh so you think you can have the actual keypad reflect the current alarm state? That would be awesome and I would definitely buy one.
Since there is no delay in SHM yet, I can mount it at the front door under an overhang then move it inside once there is a delay.

Please keep us posted :smile:

That devices is pretty awesome. It’s great that you are trying to get it integrated!

Make vibration/accelerometers part of the Security Section in the SHM. I want to know if someone break my window/sliding door glass to get in the house as much as if someone opens a door/window.

Of course I can add it to the custom section, but like everybody else argue, there is no good notification system to keep track of what is going on. In addition, the vibration monitoring should be continuous, not every X amount of minutes like the custom section requires.

This is fantastic. I am very much looking forward to your release.