Smart home monitor exit/enter delay

Sorry I missed that but know shm will not work even on its own. Will have to wait till it is working.

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Now that’s smartthings is back up here is what I have and still does not work. Sorry if I am missing something. With this all I still get is after time the dogs backing the alarm goes off.


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I somewhat got it working by using speak and resume but I have been working on the wait time because sometimes it will skip one of the phrases


Adam Hoffman
Aamco Transmission
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If you want a SONO on the cheap try my project:

Got that working thank you. Now I am having trouble with 1 profile LivingRoom it will not work. Have several other profiles and they all work names TheaterRoom, Kitchen, BedRoom.

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So now that the Iris Keypad is now compatible with SH using a DTH, is there any update on entry/exit delays?

The iris keypad has been usable with ST for over a year now with community-developed device handlers. Has it been added to the “works with ST” list with an official device handler?

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Any updates on a native delay for SHM? Seems ridiculous that there isn’t an option available.


Still no native delay on SHM. Ridiculous? That’s an understament. :cry:

    1. Smarthings, please add this!
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The exit delay will be useful for people who set up a tablet as a wall mount control centre, especially if you have guests staying in the place. They can arm the system and have few seconds to walk out of the entrance and close the door behind them.

This would allow SmartThings to compete with conventional alarm systems better.

This is pretty cool, I had to use User Lock Manager on an arm delay from my keypads, then core on an alarm trigger virtual that SMH monitors, have notifications if my countdown piston runs if any of my actual sensors open while armed(plays a beep on speakers during countdown) then runs the alarm trigger piston only if system is still armed, setup different delays for different doors, wish this would have been around a year ago!!!

PLEASE KEEP ASKING!!! I’ve even sent email to the US CEO of samsung. stating that this has been asked for for a number of years. suggested a webpage that takes suggestions and allows users to rank them. then build the top three. My closing statement was “I could do a better job of product development then the clowns you have now.”

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE flood them with emails.

This isn’t a priority for them, and a few dozen or even hundred emails from the power users and developers in this community is unlikely to change that. I want this but I’ve moved on.

You should check out this smartapp if you haven’t yet.


people in my house forget about SHM all the time and i get false alarms everyday. luckily i haven’t signed up for scout yet. if an entry/exit delay isn’t added scout won’t be getting any of my money and i’ll have to go back to a traditional alarm system.

samsung this is ridiculous. a delay option can be added very easily to SHM.

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I don’t know if it’s easy, but I do know we’ve been asking for this for two years and we don’t seem to be any closer now.

There are a couple ways to get entry and exit delays in SHM working with community developed smartapps though.

Don’t pay for scout monitoring. If you’re willing to pay monthly for home security then go with a more reliable solution (e.g. one that’ll work when your internet connection is down), that also offers industry standard features (like entry/exit delays, and a keypad).

i’ve decided to ditch SHM and go with Abode. Samsung is really dropping the ball here :frowning:


Please add entry/exit delays!

Entry delay please.

Will never happen with the Classic App. Take a look at my SHM Delay Smartapp. Provides Entry and Exit delays, and works with or without a keypad.