Smart Home Monitor - Away sensors empty?

I have contact sensors, motion sensors, and smartthings multipurpose sensors in Garage / Tilt mode.

In Smart Home Monitor, In “Sensors for armed modes”, Stay only has contact sensors. But “Away” says No Sensors, and “You don’t have any devices that can be used for monitoring yet”.

  1. Why doesn’t Away have any sensors listed? Or - how do I add sensors to the away monitoring list? The button for “add sensors” just looks for sensors to add to Smartthings as a whole.

  2. In the list in Stay, the motion detectors and garage door tilt (Samsung multi-purpose sensor) are also not listed. Does that mean they aren’t monitored?

Really don’t get it. Could use some help.

Try deleting STHM and setting up again

Solved and thank you. This also solved my other problem you were nice enough to comment on.
Edit: To be more specific: Deleting the old STHM app, and installing it fresh, worked.