Smart Home Monitor: Able to check status of all sensors before Arming?

Is there a method for the ST system to detect if all windows and doors are closed prior to “arming” the system. My older wired alarm system will warn me if a door or window is already open when I try to arm the system. I can then “bypass” this warning or fix the issue and then arm the system.

You will get a push notification from the app if any open/close sensor that is monitored by the SHM state is currently open.

Thanks so much for the reply.
But, what I meant to say was that my current wired alarm system will not allow me to arm the system until I close all of the windows or doors prior to arming.
In other words, it senses the states of the sensors and warns me that a door is open when I try to arm the system.
This way I don’t arm the system with a door or window already open. I know that I could do this manually in SHM (look at the state of all of the sensors prior to arming) but I would like the SHM monitor to do this automatically for me prior to arming. thanks!

It will still arm SHM. If you are manually arming SHM while at the house, you can then disarm it, go fix the open door/window and re-arm it. If you’re automatically arming SHM via routines/presence, this gets tricky. How does SmartThings know when you’re about to arm SHM?