Smart Home Job Field

Greetings everyone,

I need you answer; do you think working in smart home field (to provide the system to client) is good job field, (by the way I am computer engineer).

Or you just doing the system for your own home ?

The challenge is that in most jurisdictions, in order to install any electrical in a home (including low voltage!) you need the appropriate Contractor’s License(s). That takes years of apprenticeship!

To sell and/or install “alarm systems” requires another License.

If you can partner with reliable, affordable, and easy to work with contractors in your area, then that helps overcome the hurdle, but drastically cuts down on the amount of project revenue available to you.

I personally think that this is an exciting industry, but you ought to be focused on the high-end products like Crestron and Control4; or work for Alarm-com to get experience first. These companies support their Dealers / Installers: SmartThings does not.

I had to do five years Apprenticeship with school and college at night. That is the requirement for my Local Union in NYC. We are part of the IBEW. I did 32 years in building automation before I had a bad job accident and had to retire. Things have changed greatly over the years. My first job doing this on my own was also the first in NY. it was a ADT system run on a paper punched tape on a sort of reel to reel reader. From the mechanical reader it went to 200 pair telephone cable up each of the 55 floors. Each floor had a terminal block where smaller cable ran from it to relay boards and motor controllers.

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