Smart Home Hack Story on Forbes

I just read this interesting story on Forbes regarding smart home hacking. It mentions concerns with Micasa Verde and Insteon. No mention of Smartthings, but securing Smart home apps and networks will become a bigger issue going forward. I hope this is a high priority for Smartthings.

Thanks for sharing!

As SmartThings gains in popularity, it will definitely be a major target for hackers. Your cloud account will include your home location, along with your status (away from home…) and for many people, their locks and alarm systems.

Online ID theft is one thing, Home Automation brings this into the physical world.

The risks are extreme.

Speaking of security… I’ve wondered how z-wave limit pairing. I mean when I put a new switch in my network, I don’t have to do anything too special to start it pairing. If someone was sitting outside my house with their own hub, could their pair with my devices?

Z-Wave devices can only have one master…but any hub can unpair a z-wave device from any network… If you have access to the device.

So, short of physically accessing the device, no one should be able to access my device to remove it from my network and add it to their own, yes?

Shouldn’t…but couldn’t is to be seen.