Smart home for camper

I live in a Travel Trailer (camper) and want to integrate SmartThings into it. I would like to start with my lights but the light switches are not the typical switches you would see in a house, they are much smaller, so changing out the switches for smart switches would not be that easy. Same with the lights as they are not the typical light bulb. Is there a switch that can be attached to the wiring inside the wall that would allow dimming and connect to SmartThings?

Two separate issues. First, SmartThings is primarily a cloud-based system, which means you really need to have Internet available all the time. For this reason, it is not usually chosen by people who live in RVs or campers. There are other home automation systems which “run locally,” meaning that while you may do the initial set up connected to the Internet, after that everything can run without needing access to the cloud. So are you going to have good Internet all the time? And are you willing to use your data to run your home automation system?

If that’s true, we can move onto the lighting. I’d bet that not only are the switches different size and shape from a typical House, but the electrical system is probably not the standard 110 V system. That would be very unusual in a camper. Do you know the voltage of your devices? There are smart device setups that can work in a typical camper, but you need to know the specifications of the electrical system they will run on. :sunglasses:

If it’s a 12 V system, which is pretty standard in the US for a camper, then there are a couple of options. You can get a transformer and do a step down or you can work with devices that are intended for LED strips or sprinkler control and run on 12 V anyway. But again, you need to know the exact specs before you start trying to wire anything into your camper. :zap:

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