Smart home always on "wired" Switches?

The Lutron Caseta switches are very well engineered devices, and I use them in my own home.

But the Master switch doesn’t solve the problem you’ve described, because it still controls the current to the fixture.

If you’re talking about the pico auxiliary switches, those can do what you want if you are using one of SmartThings’ competitor hubs, like hubitat or I think Wink. But the official SmartThings/Lutron integration does not expose the pico devices, so you can’t have them control your smart bulbs.

There is an unofficial integration which uses another server as a “man in the middle” and it can expose the Picos to smartthings, but the setup is quite complex.

But the regular Lutron Caseta master dimmer switch does control the current to the fixture, so it does not solve your problem.

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Lutron Caseta and “dumb” bulbs would be a good combo

Yes, and it’s one I use in my own home, but it doesn’t fit the use case that the OP started the thread about. If they want to switch to dumb bulbs, then that would definitely be a top candidate in my opinion.

But if they want to stick with smart bulbs and they want a mains-powered switch that doesn’t cut power to the bulbs, they need to go back to the FAQ and look at the options there, in particular option 2. :wink:

Also, FWIW, I don’t think caseta devices go on sale that often (if ever). You kinda have to shop around to find the website that has them at the best price.

That’s what I do, Mark! I also get a military discount at Home Depot. So that helps. But I find deals online and search for coupon codes as well. But I’m going to wait to see what the stuff that Philips is coming out with their “Friends of Hue” products.