Smart garage keypad?

I’m looking for a solution that would make a smart garage keypad. Basically, the ability to program user PIN numbers to the keypad. All of the smart garage systems require people to have the app to access the garage, there isn’t a keypad integration that allows multiple users, control per user, and alerts related to which user is operating the system. Basically I’m looking for the smart garage features through keypad access rather than all the users requiring a cell with associated app. There are keypads such as the August keypad compatible with smartthings and smart garage such as Remootio that is also compatible, but can these two be integrated to work as I have described?

If I understand your question, this is entirely doable with most hub-based home automation systems, including Samsung SmartThings ™. It’s pretty straightforward. The keypad sends a message to the hub, the hub sends a message to the garage door controller.

You can do this with a keypad, a handheld remote, the app: it’s all the same basic idea. The device sends a message to the hub, the hub sends a message to the garage door controller.

This can even be done with some devices without a local hub. In that case the keypad sends a message to the cloud, the cloud then sends a message to the garage door controller. Same idea, just a slightly different message path.

probably the easiest device for this purpose now is one of the standalone keypads designed for use with a retrofit doorlock. These are already weatherproof with good encryption. Or you can use a keypad lock and install it into the wall or attached to a panel lifted above the wall.


Anyway, there should be a couple of options, but as always, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.” Also, device selection does vary by country, so we would need to know what country you are in before making any specific suggestions.

I am tagging @rboy because he is an expert on locks and keypads and might have more to add.

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Also, if you are in the US, several lock companies have worked with Amazon to come up with a keypad solution so that delivery people can leave packages in the garage without needing any app access to the home system. So these do exist and are sold by some of the garage controller companies. I believe Liftmaster, for example, has one. But I don’t know what’s available in other countries.

You might contact the garage door controller companies you’re interested in and ask if they have a keypad solution for package delivery. :sunglasses:

These have the advantage of already being synced to the garage door controller and some may even be able to work when the Internet is down.

What garage door controller are you using?

For the keypad you have many options available in the US, for example you can use of these ZigBee keypads

Or the Ring Alarm Keypad

Each one has different features which are built into them beyond just using them as an access control keypad. There’s a table comparing the features on the first post.

You will need an app like LUM or RLA to program these keypads and take custom actions when the codes are used.

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My current garage opener is just a standard opener and I don’t have a smartthings hub, so I am trying to figure out what smart garage system I should install that could then integrate with a keypad to accomplish the keypad features I’m looking for. I like the features of the Remootio and it says it’s compatible with smartthings so I’m just trying to understand if I bought that and the August keypad along with a smartthings hub that this would all work out? Or is there a simpler solution?

Thanks RBoy, I was planning to get the Remootio unit (smartthings compatible), then if I get one on the keypads you recommend I should be able to make it work if I understand everything correctly. RE the LUM- is this $39??