Smart Frame Lights

I’ve already searched the forums, but can’t seem to find exactly what I need. In my man Cave I have jersey frames and I would like to integrate smart lighting.

The problem is, I want the lights to be “connected”, but I don’t want wires everywhere. I’ve looked into battery operated LED strips, but can’t seem to find a way to “connect” them. Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Have you considered HUE strips or LIFX Z? and maybe recessed outlets.

Find battery operated frame lights that have an IR remote.

Then instead of the included IR remote, use the harmony home hub. :sunglasses:

There is an official harmony/smartthings integration which works just fine, and that way you will be able to automate the lights.

The only thing is since this is IR, the harmony hub (or one of its IR blaster’s) will have to be line of sight to the IR receiver on each frame. But since this is for man cave anyway, you may already have a home theater there and the Harmony is good for that as well.

Just make sure that the remote is an IR remote, not an RF remote. You can look and see if the frame lights are listed in the harmony compatibility database, but even if they aren’t, it just means you have to learn them to the

I use the harmony with flameless candles, for example, which are battery-operated and it works fine. :sunglasses:

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I do have a harmony hub already in place. I’m going to give this a shot next weekend. I’ll update my project progress

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