Smart devices interferes with my indoor cameras?

i have 4 Logitech Alert cameras inside the house that were working flawlessly prior to me starting my Home automation project.

since i will be off work for a week, i decided to turn-off my camera server. since id be turning off electrical lines from the breaker box when i started installing GE 12722, GE 12729, GE 26931 switches and a number of Cree connected bulbs. the installation of bulbs and switches went fine and we are happy with it.

now that i am back at work and decide to fire-up the camera server, i’ve noticed only one of the four cameras come on. the other 3 cameras seem to turn on intermittently. this behavior of these cameras has not happened before until i installed the switches and bulbs.

so, did the zigbee and z wave,z wave plus signals affect the signals my Logitech Alert cameras require to function properly as these cameras are POE’s?

I had an issue similar to this, I had to move my wireless channel away from what the zigbee channel was on.

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how do i do that?

See if this link would help.

So if the cameras are POE. I assume you are powering them W/ POE so why use wireless at all? The data cable can carry the power and the data at the same time.

Am not sure i understand your question…

When I Googled Logitech Alert camera, and read the description. It says the camera plugs into a wall power adapter which acts as a powerline network over the house wiring.

Is this what you have? If so possibly the errant cameras did not reconnect to the powerlines adapter that plugs into your network.

Possibly a power cycle of the base hub. Then each camera 1 at a time so they have time to reconnect?

Just shot gunning here.

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I don’t think they have a base hub… will have to double check. have had them for the last 5 years…

they may have a mother unit(that may equate as the hub) that is directly connected from the router then to the wall outlet… worth a shot…


Yeah that’s what I meant, if they use the power wires to connect a reboot might work?

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