Smart devices for < $10?

yes they all work as long as they are the newer ones. The problem is that they are Zigbee. With the 32 device limit you run out quick and these device must connect directly to the Hub. They fall off the network if you use a repeater

Also make sure you get the square temp sensors. The round ones are crap and are the older model

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I have over 60 zigbee devices and some of the last ones I’ve added are Xiaomi motion and buttons(8). I’m sure some have to be going through repeaters and have no issues with dropping.

Is it just the contact sensors that fall off?

It is the old version of the temp Sensors, round ones, that fall off. If you have 60 of them 28 have to be going through repeaters because of the limit. What sucks is there is no way to tell unless you what the log the first time that you connect them.

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actually the new version Aqara Xiaomi motion and temp sensors may fall off as well if not paired directly to the hub. Of 10 I could only get 2 to stay paired (they likely just luckily paired to the hub). I tried for a month with no luck. Could really depend on what they are repeating through.
Then I powered down all of my other zigbee devices and then paired Aqara Xiaomi again and re-powered up my other zigbee devices and all have stayed pair.

Since Zigbee is mesh, there are no firm guarantees that the routes will remain the same as when each device is connected. Adding a couple Zigbee pocket sockets is good insurance, plus when they’re close to battery-powered sensors, it allows those devices to operate at a lower transmit power thus extending battery life.

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But a Pocket Socket wont work for Xiaomi device since they have to be directly connected to the hub. I have found to insure that is take the device to the hub and connect it there.

If you buy the Xiaomi socket they will connect to it

So you are saying that it will be used as a repeater so that this will boost the number of Zigbee devices you can use. Looks like most of the sockets are European. I need something that I can use I can use in the US.

Yes and as a repeater it will help you avoid the 32 direct connected zigbee device limit. You can use travel adapters to plug it into US mains.

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Can you recommend a repeater. I looked on gear best site and cant fins a plug by itself. I can find complete kits but don’t need an entire kit.

Don’t have any myself so I can’t verify how well they work, but here’s a link to the Xiaomi sockets on Gearbest. Requires an adapter to use with a US style outlet.