Smart bulbs using Impulse (Step by Step) Relay


I have in mind a small project and i need your help figuring out if it’s possible or not.

The story it’s like this: In my bedroom i have two bulbs that are using a “momentary” button and in my central electrical box i have two Impulse Relays.In essence there are two ON/OFF buttons that are making the non-smart bulb work.I will leave here the links to those hardware:

My question/problem is : Can i put instead of the normal non-smart bulbs, some smart bulbs (like Phillips Hue or Ikea Tradfri) and control them via smartthings?I don’t know if there will be always power to the bulb in order to reach it via wi-fi?
Unlike the standard switches where we have two separate states (on/off), this button it’s always in the same position.

Can you guys guide me?

Thank you,