Smart bulb question?

Just recently joined the smart home community. I have a light fixture above my stairwell that uses 3 regular size bulbs. I want to use Sylvania Smart tunable bulbs with my SmartThings hub. My question is do I need to replace all 3 existing bulbs with the smart bulbs or can I just replace 1 bulb and leave the other 2 as is and I will be able to control the fixture?

You would need to replace all three bulbs with smart bulbs. Only way to control the complete fixture with one device, is using a hardwired smart dimmer switch, then you could dim/on/off from the switch.

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Thanks for the response @RightHand. The fixture has 2 switches, would I also need to replace both?

Yes, but that may require you to have one smart dimmer switch and an add-on switch if.

If I am not wrong,

require 3-wires setup. I couldn’t use that in my house so I had to go with GE smart outlets that don’t need 3 wire.
Otherwise, I also use smart bulbs but if you have 3, you’d need to group the control by an app to avoid triggering them one by one