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Coded my first smart app (based loosely on the the foscam tutorial) to capture an image from a D-Link webcam in the app when motion is detected. My question is do apps i code not show up in the iphone app? It shows up in the IDE and it works fine but doesn’t show up under my smart apps on my phone.

Not sure if only ST approved smart apps show up or if I am missing something.

@afewremarks, Did you click “Publish” -> “For Me” in the IDE? I’ve also had to logout, then log back in before new stuff would show up sometimes.

I published it about a month ago and have updated it a couple of times since and tried logging out and still isnt showing up. It is supposed to show up on the app page right?


After you "Publish->“To Me” in the IDE, it will when show up under the “My Apps” section when you Hit the “+” tile to add a new smart app.

@stevesell Bingo that did it. Duoh can’t believe I missed that…had to add it via the +.

@afewremarks Mark: would you mind sharing your code? I’m looking to do the same thing with a camera that I have. Thank you!!

@scoutmastercj I basically used these instructions:

If that doesn’t help you I can share my device and app code with you. Let me know.

Thank you!

@Mark - are you able to share your code for your Dlink device Type?

@sastozki Not sure if you got it working yet or not. Basically follow these instructions the only difference is you need to put in the MJPEG link for your camera. This tool will help you locate the URL link. Basically try all the links that the tool generates until you find one that works.

That link becomes the URL in step 4 of Danny’s tutorial: httpGet(“http://admin:password@ip:port/snapshot.cgi”)

For me it happened to be: httpGet("http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP_ADDRESS:PORT/image/jpeg.cgi")

If you need more help let me know.

To add…in the demo you can delete out all the pan tilt…stuff that your camera doesn’t do.

Thank You very much. After playing around with this I was able to get this working.

I do have a few follow up questions maybe you can answer:

  1. Is there a smartapp you use with this? ie… If their is motion then take a pic?
  2. Is there a way to get the live feed steaming into the device?
  3. Is there a way to use the motion sensor on the camera to trigger an event?


@sastozki Sorry about the delay busy week…Not sure if you were able to get any further on this but let me try:

  1. Yes, so if you followed the instructions in the link two thing would have happened. One of those would have been creating the app you described. When you created it make sure you clicked publish->for me. Now you go to your phone and add an app through the normal process and their should be a new category called My Apps. Add it there and you should be able to figure out how it works.

  2. No, maybe someone else can comment on this but just images right now. I was going to modify the app so it pushes a txt msg with a link to the live feed from the camera’s built in software.

  3. Check the foscam posts they may have more on that. I am using the smart things motion sensor to trigger the camera right now. I will update you if I figure anything out.

@afewremarks Mark

If you had the code for it, that would be great. If you could share that.