Smart App not connecting to any Wemo bulbs remotely

(Andy) #1


Hopefully its a simple fix but I installed my new Smarthings starter kit yesterday and attached the bundled devices and 3 Wemo light bulbs fine. However I am now at work, thus off of my local LAN, and the Smart things App appears to be connecting to the bundled plug socket ok but it doesn’t connect to any of the Wemo bulbs (or if it is its taking an absolute age to change the status of the device).

Any ideas?


Well that certainly is not the norm… I just tried it with my setup… 4 Wemo LEDs connected to ST. My Samsung S6 mobile disconnected from wifi (connected to LTE cellular network) I can toggle the bulbs on/off with no real noticeable lag time. My iPad ST App, connected to the Wifi, updates the bulbs state almost immediately.

I have a Hub v2 with the latest FW
The wemo bulbs have not been updated with FW for at least 9 months (not sure of current version)
Both Android and iOs app are the latest version.

You could always try a bulb reset but before you do…
Reboot the hub
Try connecting via the cellular net instead of your work network

Other than that… Try resetting just one bulb and see if it responds better…

(Andy) #3

Just been emailing Ryan W on the ST customer support email and he said for some reason they loaded as dimmer switches on my account. He has pushed the correct controllers across to them and now they work instantly remotely (as my daughter just testified).

1st class customer service.

(Aaron S) #4

Ryan really appreciates when you send him thank you gifs. The more strange/hysterical/weird the better.