Smart app learning capability?

Having a few issues with my Smartthing security feature. I have a large number of door and window sensors plus 3 motion sensors in the system. I have it setup with my phone and geofenced. I have it set to arm the system after no motion is detected for some time, to disarm in the morning when things start happening and ignore certain motion sensors when in the armed at home mode.

My work schedule changed recently and I’m home later in the AM on Friday and Saturday. Now the alarm goes off on these days when I get up a bit later. Why? The settings are not day specific that I can recall - did I miss a setting that is buried? Did it “learn” my previous behavior?

Also I have the system set to go to armed at home when my cell phone is present yet on any number of occasions I will walk through an area and set the alarm off due to a motion sensor that was not include in the security settings for that mode. Frustrating.

Last problematic issue is the geofencing. I enlarges the area as I would like the system to disarm when my car approaches my house, yet all the time pulling into the garage will trigger the alarm, as I have a motion sensor out there. Why is this happening? Other geofencing apps work well, whey not this one?

All in all a little frustrated with the system at this point.

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My geofencing never worked right. I created a virtual presence and use sharp tools and tasker to control the virtual presence. When I get close to my wifi network tasker sends to sharp tools to tell the presence I am home, works perfect. Sorry, I can’t help with the rest.