Smart app heating system controled by window being left open?

Is there any solution t o create an scene to swith Off a device when a window sensor is opened more than 15 seconds?

I’d say it depends on how your system is controlled presently.

There has been a fair amount of discussion about controlling systems with Infrared control options, recently, by integrating devices such as Broadlink IR remotes, and in my case some generic IR remotes using the Tuya SmartLife app. In these cases, I’d say it’s probably doable.

If your system has a WiFi enabled controller that can receive commands from Smartthings, Google, or Alexa etc, then I’d say there is a good chance of this being doable. Although, that would be something I’m not that familiar with.

What system do you have, and how do you control it?

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You can take a look at these apps if you have access to rboy apps which allows you to control temperature using heating devices on a switch and can turn it off when a sensor has been opened for a period of time.


I have told nothing about thermostats. I need good app to configure logical functions. (delay,AND, OR,…)
By other hand, we are interested in your apps. We need to control FAN thermostats like Heltun or MCO-MH8 series. Both cases, we need to change Fan speeds 1/2/ 3. No Auto/Off

These apps can work with switches or thermostats. However they only can control thermostat fans, not switch fans for now. The assumption being that switches are on and off devices. This is also party due to the way SmartThings capabilities are setup.

If you’re looking to control custom devices, fan levels and make complex if then else logic then WebCoRE may be your best bet for now.

Thanks, I´ll test WebCore.