Smart App for Yale Lock triggers


(Thadd Selden) #1

Hi All,

I wrote a very simple Smart App for firing Hello, Home actions based on the various actions from a Yale Z-Wave lock. The Yale locks have different notifications for locked via PIN pad vs. locked via turning the knob inside (likewise for unlock), so this app simply lets you set a different Hello, Home action for each one.

I’m currently using the outside/PIN lock for “Goodbye” and the inside lock for “Goodnight” which trigger different lighting and thermostat settings, but you could do a lot with them.

The lock also reports which PIN code opened the lock and you could expand this app pretty easily to support different actions for different PIN codes.

I implemented this app by parsing the event.description text response since it includes the actual Z-Wave payload that it received and I couldn’t find any other way to get those data. I’m sure the better way to do this would be to create a custom device type that sends different events based on the payload, but I wasn’t really sure how to begin on that. The approach I used may be a little brittle if the description text format ever changes, but it seems to work well for now.

Here’s the Github repo:

I’d appreciate any feedback you have and please feel free to fork and extend the code! I’ve tested on the Yale Pushbutton Z-Wave, but it should also work with the touch screen one.


(Andrew Taylor) #2

This is good!
Would you be able to add an option to trigger an event based on SHM status?

An example of the use case would be: The door is unlocked from the inside when SHM is in AWAY mode, then the alarm triggers on the panel and SHM alarm is activated?