Smart app development wanted (change hue color based on tv sound)

Need someone who is far better than me at producing an app that will do the following.

Change light colour based on vibrations

So the story as to why, I have a hue light strip attached to my tv, I used to use a phone app called Huey that would monitor part of the tv to adjust the light colour to match thatof the tv, however since Phillips have updated the hub you can’t use Huey anymore and the developer has gone AWOL, so I noticed if I put a Fibaro eye motion sensor next to my tv and noticed it’s was trigging with vibrations due to the sub near by, so would it be good to have a app that could turn these vibrations into light? Ie loud red softer tones amber and so on? So need someone who can produce a app for that?

Are you offering to pay for this development or are you just asking if anyone in the community would take this on as a fun project? :sunglasses:

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Did you check out the app Hue Disco… It will do what you want… Just wont be through SmartThings and you need a phone all the time… Perhaps an old phone that you aren’t using can be dedicated for it.

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I would pay a reasonable amount for a good workable product

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Forgot about that app, thanks. Think it would be good if Huey worked or at
least we could use the data from a device like the Fibaro eye motion sensor

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What you’re requesting is a challenge to accomplish “well” in SmartThings, I think, due to latency issues. Not sure how in-sync the colors would be.

I believe @pstuart wrote something similar to this, so perhaps he can help… Or if his code is open, we could use as a reference point.

PM me details of what you consider reasonable. I have the code as Terry mentioned, and could be adapted for this purpose. It is not open source.