Smart animal deterrent? Automated lawn watering gone wrong?

Okay this is just crabby old me getting tired of hearing about the motion detected at whichever camera gets it when the neighbor lets their cat out and it strays into my yard, or a raccoon wanders through…

I remember seeing a DIY Paintball Sentry Gun project a few years ago, and the more demented part of my mind wonders…

Can something be made that does the following…?
#1. Works with smartthings,
#2. Instead of paintballs, can aim, and spray with water.
#3. Can be made with some intelligence. Sprays the neighbors cat, not the neighbor.
#4. Can be set to track and engage multiple targets.
#5. Can / will sufficiently discriminate between humans and non human targets.

I am NOT looking at being cruel, just looking to deter having my flower boxes used as litter boxes…

The short answer is probably not within your budget. You’re asking for an awful lot of advanced features. Plus it has to be weather tolerant.

Instead, I would consider a zone defense that just turns on sprinklers on the planter boxes, or around the planter boxes. That won’t get the neighbors and should definitely deter cats. :smile_cat:

To distinguish between a person and the cat is much trickier… The only thing I know that’s anywhere near a residential budget is the nest cameras.

Also, for a low-tech solution, the “scat mats“ work very well for most cats. This is a mat with a whole bunch of tiny soft rubber or plastic spikes. It looks scary, but if you step on it the spikes just squish. It won’t hurt a cat, even a cat who jumps onto it unexpectedly. But most cats hate walking on it. A few of these around the planters or on the dirt will keep most cats away. Not all of them, but most of them.

On the other hand, it won’t stop raccoons.

( note that there are lots of different products called “scat mats“ but the ones I am talking about don’t have chemicals or sprays or shocks. It’s just a rubber mat with soft spikes.)

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Those scat mats could certainly do the trick for cats. Racoons however, different story…

Get a dog :sunglasses:

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Got one, he’s lazy… :rofl:


I’ve been looking at one of these to keep the deer out of the garden, but the harsh Swedish climate would probably get the better of it. Might work in milder climates though.

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I got one of these ultrasonic repellers to get rid of the cats from crossing thru my front porch at night and triggering my security cameras. Seemed to work.

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I would install motion detectors and connect some loudspeakers with a very loud sound.