Smart Alarm Went off when in Off mode

(Joel W) #1

I am using SA with my IRIS keypad. I had the Keypad disarmed and SHM which I use for just status has no devices connected caused SA to arm and go into alarm mode. SHM is truly screwing things up. SA is not as pretty but much more reliable and more functions. I don’t understand how ST can have a foundation for alarms using SHM which doesn’t even have basic delays for entrance and exit. They should scrap it and let SA take its place and just put the pretty face on it.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Joel… I think the Topic title is a little inaccurate: “Smart Alarm Went off when in Off mode”.

It seems that Smart Alarm (SA) functioned properly (i.e,. when switched from off/disarmed mode to on/armed, it subsequently “went off” (sounded the alarm). It was some other fault of the SmartThings platform that caused Smart Alarm to switch into on/armed mode and that’s no fault of Smart Alarm, probably, right? Or do I misunderstand?

If Smart Alarm is changing alarm states with no other explanation than overall platform issues (or SHM integration), then this calls for a ticket to Support if you are using the Marketplace Smart Alarm SmartApp…

(Joel W) #3

What happened was SA was in OFF mode and my Keypad showed off. Then SHM went from OFF to Partial without me knowing it. Then I opened a door and the alarm went off. My Keypad said OFF but SHM and SA both said Partial. I then tried to turn off SHM but it would not change. I then armed and disarmed SA from the Keypad and SHM went to off as I wanted. Does that make any sense?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Nope … doesn’t make any sense at all, I’m sorry…

What are you using both SHM and Smart Alarm (SA)?

(Joel W) #5

I just use SHM to see status of alarm, none of my switches or motion etc is chosen in the app. I think the problem was with SHM turning on the alarm do to the problems with the ST network. If I press away from SHM it changes on the keypad so I am not sure if it also changes in SA, but I didn’t think so.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

So you’re not sure if there is any SmartApp connection configured between SHM and Smart Alarm?

As far as I know, there would be no such connection by default, but you could verify this by checking the SmartApp Preferences/Config pages and/or examining the source code and/or contacting SmartThings Support (and/or our Community Advocates…).

(I’m just trying to understand, with as much detail as possible, how this could happen. In part due to curiosity, but also in part due to SmartTiles’s provision of SHM away/stay/disarm feature that we want to be fully aware of the potential side effects.)

(Joel W) #7

My opinion and after looking to see any connection between the two apps is I find only one commonality. That is that if I change mode in SHM it doesn’t affect SA. But if I change mode in SA it shows in SHM. So I can arm by the Keypad and and it arms SA and shows the condition in SHM. If I arm from modes it also shows in SHM and arms SA . So the problem was the network problem with SHM which armed itself which changed the status of the Keypad which I think changed the status of SA. So the keypad was the common element. I have been testing all afternoon and SHM is the only problem I am having.