Smart Alarm Updates

I also notice no matter how I set the entry delay, there is a 30 sec entry delay. I can’t get it to instantly trigger.

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I upgraded to the latest version of Smart Alarm and at night (as it was supposed to) it armed Stay. Since this was the first time it armed since the upgrade I decided to check each items status and I noticed each contact and motion sensor (interior and external) were listed as unarmed. I was going to be out of the house for most of the day Sunday so I changed it back to 2.2.6 so I wasn’t able to test Away. I am curious why it would say it was armed but each sensor was shown as unarmed. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas, @geko?


Zones (sensors) will be shown “disarmed” until exit delay is expired. Exit delay is turned on by default for both exterior and interior zones.

Any thoughts? 123456

I have been using Smart Alarm for at least a couple of weeks, and everything has been perfect. However, since yesterday things have been quite strange. For starters, no messages have been flowing to the push and the Hello Home. Also alarms has not trigger even though I open sensors to test (all defined in the app). The app says the alarm is armed (i test stay and away armed options).
I have also uninstall the app a couple of times.

Is someone having the same issue?


This issue is fixed in version 2.4.2. Please update the app from the Github repository and restart it by opening the app configuration page and tapping “Done”.

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Smart Alarm version 2.4.3 is available. Made a couple of minor changes:

  • Fixed Issue #34 - Pushbullet feature breaks alarm.
  • Edited description in the app metadata.
  • Removed OAuth warning text.

Got a word from SmartThings that Smart Alarm has been approved and will soon be published. :smile:


I’m unable to get Pushbullet notifications working.

I’ve installed @625alex’s Pushbullet device type and @baldeagle072’s Pushbullet Notifier app, and they are working. But I can’t get Smart Alarm to send Pushbullet notifications.

I’m also experiencing this problem:

Any suggestions?

NOTE: I originally posted this in the SmartAlarm is here thread yesterday, but that thread has since been locked. Also, congratulations on getting published.

Can you PM me your logs? You can see logs in the IDE

Well folks… I’m pleased to announce that SmartAlarm is now official and can be installed from the Safety & Security section in the SmartThings mobile app. Enjoy… :slight_smile:


Great news!
Should we reinstall from the Safety & Security section if we’ve already got an instance configured through the IDE?

@geko, the REST API of the published app is broken. If you enable it, the app crashes.

I’d say don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. :smile:

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll investigate. :frowning:

Yes, I see this error in the logs:

error No client with requested id: null @ line 1236

It’s coming from this line of code:

def token = createAccessToken()

AFAIK, this happens when OAuth is not enabled in the app settings, but I have no idea how to verify that for a published app.

@april, @mager, could you help troubleshooting this please? How do I know if OAuth is enabled for the published app? Also how do I know what the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET are? Thanks!

Not enabled OAuth was my conclusion too.
Client id and client secret could be printed in the log or listed in a state variable.

I didn’t know you could access them programmatically. Please share if you know how to.

You need and call createAccessToken() that puts a token into state.accessToken.

How did you do that before? Let me see.

I misspoke. You already doing it this way.

I don’t think you need the secret and client id. I think all that’s missing is to enable OAuth on this SmartApp.

But of course you need the client id and secret. It’s too early in the morning.

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Exactly. For the self-published apps they appear on the app properties page in the IDE when you enable OAuth. But where are they for the published apps?