Smart Alarm Updates

The issue is any zone interior or exterior does not arm if a delay is enabled in stay mode. Away mode it works fine.

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I have two zones with delay in stay mode and the SA arms from my IRIS keypad with a 30 second delay. But that also means that if I open a door that has the delay it takes 30 seconds for the alarm to sound. It is operating the same way my regular home alarm worked. But tha alarm arms in stay mode all exterior openings and disables motion detectors.

but are you using my custom version… I changed the way alarms happen with the delay… prior it would delay after entry and if a zone was still tripped after the delay sound the alrarm. Now I do a post delay check and if the system has been disarmed it doesn’t alert. prior even if disarmed if after the delay the zone was still tripped it would alert…

Yes you are correct I am using your version and your app for alarm status.

Can you share a copy of your version with me please?

If a remote is used and set up to change the arming state within the Smart Alarm app will it also change the mode that the HUB is in?

Basically is there an advantage of using the feature built into the Smart Alarm in regards to remote arming or would it be more beneficial to have a seperate app associated with the remote that would change the mode of the home to “away”, thus arming Smart Alarm?

As of now we use a DTH to handle the input code for the IRIS but if it was part of the SA it would be much less complicated. The same thing would work for the Lock Manager for door locks if it was part of SA.

Is there a way to get my siren to bleep or do something when I arm or disarm my alarm?

Which siren do you have?

Dlink DCH-Z510 siren.

I just found another post that says the siren you have is a “re-badged” Philio PSE02 Siren.

I recently created a DTH for that device and it supports playing the different built in sounds like door chime, beep, police, ambulance, fire, emergency and I also added a chirp feature that basically just turns it on and off really fast.

I checked the manual for your device and the commands are similar to the ones in my DTH so it might work, but you’ll have to try it to know for sure.

If it does work, please let me know and post the raw description so I can add it to the list of model numbers it is compatible with and the DTH fingerprint.

The buttons in the mobile app respond properly with Android devices, but I’ve heard you may have to press the buttons more than once to reset them with iOS.

Edit: I forgot to mention that if you open Live Logging before switch DTHs you should be able to see if it was able to configure the device properly when you change it.

You should also open the device’s setting through the mobile app and tap done before trying to use the device. If it doesn’t play post the live logging output.

what is a DTH?

Abbreviation for Device Type Handler.

Did you ever figure out a solution to this? I am having the exact same problems.


I’d like to use my DLNA player for alarm arming/disarming notifications.
Smart Alarm uses Playtext command for this purpose.
However my DLNA player does not support PlayText , it supports “Speak” command.
If SmartAlarm was available as a groovy code I would make the change and use Speak instead of PlayText.
Now as it is officially released by Smartthings I am not able to find the code. Whatcan I do ?

There is an updated version on this thread first post.

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When Smart Home Monitor (SHM) was introduced over a year ago, it looked like SmartThings have made home security application a centerpiece of their smart home offering. SHM certainly stands out in the mobile app, has a nice user interface and advanced features like security camera integration, event history, etc.

Unfortunately, more than a year later, SHM still misses quite a few things that are essential to any home security system, for example exit and entry delays. From what I read on the Forums, many people are still using Smart Alarm for their security needs. Therefore, I’m considering reviving Smart Alarm and making some improvements in the coming weeks and months.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions how Smart Alarm can be improved.



I use this daily. I only use Smart Alarm for acceleration though and have it trigger SHM. SHM doesn’t account for someone breaking a window. For this reason alone, I keep using Smart Alarm.