Smart Alarm or best mobile app right now


Since I have seen many people getting away from SMH, could someone please post a newbie step by step way to get Smart Alarm app if that is the preferred mobile app for everyone. However, I am not too tech savvy, just tired of SMH messing up. Thank you!

(Fabio Caldas) #2

Dude, the app has its own step by step explanation, it is really straightforward


Thanks but I’m not even sure how to get the app. I said that I was a newbie.

(Fabio Caldas) #4

Ok, sorry about that.
First, go to “Marketplace” on the botton right, then click on “Smartapps” on the top right.
There you will get almost all the availables smartapps.
Go to “Safety & Security” and you will see "Smart Alarm"
If you have any trouble let me know, I will try to help you


Thanks! I really appreciate it!!!