Smart Alarm is here

@geko I have one request. For the entry exit and delay would it be possible to set this to only 1 zone? This is how most alarm systems and from a security perspective I don’t want to give someone 45 seconds after they break in a window to do what they want. I would like to be notified immediately.

Let me know your thoughts.



Makes sense. However, this would require entry/exit delay to be a per-zone settings. The question is how to make it flexible enough without making it too cumbersome to configure. Have to think about it.

Can you add the option to have Flashing Lights like the Smart Security App has?

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I am getting an error when going through the steps of authorizing a REST End point. OAuth is enabled in the smart app, I am using the correct Client_ID and Call back website. It is supposed to respond with a authorization code. I have been able to get an authorization code with other smart apps (including the DCS integration app). CLIENT ID HERE)

Any suggestions? Has anybody been able to go through the entire oauth process with the Smart Alarm App?

See image below for error message:

Note: I have been able to use the APP_ID and sends command ("/status", “/disarm”, etc.), but I am in the process of developing an iOS app, and I believe I need to go through the entire authorization process. I was no able to just use the APP_ID inside the iOS app to send these commands.

Any idea why after I configure the zones, I click next, and under control panel, I have two blank lines before the Setup Menu???

Control panel buttons are not rendered on Android. Hopefully, SmartThings will bring their Android app to the parity level with iOS app some time soon.

@geko Hey after I get the app configured and click ‘Done’ I’m getting ‘Error: An unexpected error occured’. I live in an apartment so 4 zones is all I can use and I really only need 2 zones. I set up 1 outside zone for my door and window and then one interior zone for my motion sensor. Do you know what might be causing that error?

Enable OAuth for the app. Profit

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@tslagle13 thanks! You rock!

If we hit Panic, is the only way to disable the alarm is to go to the siren icon in my things section and turn it off manually? I assumed disarm would turn it off, but realized that is more about disarming the system when you got up.

One other question. If i use the control panel to disarm to the home to say get a drink of water. How long until it auto arms itself again? I would hope it eventually arms itself again.

When either alarm or panic occurs, SmartAlarm will turn off the siren after 3 minutes and re-arm itself. You can disarm it either by pressing Disarm button or by switching to the “disarmed” mode (if configured). You can turn off the siren manually of course, if you wish.

If you disarm it manually, you’ll have to arm it manually as well, or trigger a mode change.

Thanks to the developer for the great app.
I just installed it and starting to enable some of the functionality.

I’m not sure if other users have this but I actually have 4 modes - Day - Home, Day - Away, Night - Home, and Night-Away. That way when I’m Away I can make sure doors are locked and garage is closed. Also at night I trigger some of the lights to turn on(wish I could choose a random time), and I turn them back on when day-away is triggered.

I was thinking these additional functions could be built right into the Alarm app rather than separate settings.

Yes, they could, but everyone has their own needs and requirements. Cramming all functions in a single app will not work for everyone. Modularity is one of the biggest advantages of SmartThings because it lets you build your system to your own spec. Enjoy the app :smile:


Let’s say I install SmartAlarm today from GitHub and next week ST makes SmartAlarm official, will I need to reconfigure? Or will the switch be automatic?


Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe @ben could shed some light.

Anyone else having a huge load of problems? I woke up this morning, I have a good morning motion sensor set up. it triggers like normally going into Home mode, i go into my kitchen, my phone blows up with texts because of motion in my kitchen. I look and the Smart Alarm hasn’t disarmed itself. I don’t know what is more annoying though, the fact it didn’t disable or the fact my siren did not go off. I disarm the system, leave the house, look while i am at work the system never re-arms itself. I come home, home mode triggers from presence sensor. I walk into the house, phone freaks out because door opened, but once again no siren.

I want this system for security. I need the siren to go off. I can take the app failing to switch modes, but in no way do i just want to receive a text for an intruder; I want to scare them away. I am re-downloading the app, maybe i had an old git hub version.

Anyone else experiencing any of these problems?


Hopefully during this flurry of madness. You did reboot your hub? :wink:

It is really getting annoying and it is sad that reboot legitimately is always the answer that people give. I won’t lie, it normally works. But this stuff has to be resolved, I have paid 400-500 bucks on this system. This would not be acceptable from any ADT-like service.

I will try it
Edit: Post Reboot - smart alarm still armed in away even though I am in Home Mode.

I believe the published SmartApp would show up as a new app to install and configure.