Smart Alarm is here

ok as promised:

Now this is my first fork ever on github so be kind
(in fact this is my first dive into any java like environ I’m a data movement Linux guy) but my version is working great on my side.

The other portion of this is that you can have a pushbullet notification that will update a widget on android through tasker. You can follow the instructions that @625alex laid out. Widget showing home state in real time The only thing you can omit is that my smart alarm can replace the smart app that he had listed. All the other steps alex had must be followed.

What this will do. This will provide the same functionality as the smart alarm, but with the enhancement of a push notification that can be sent to a widget.

Usefullness: I have a small android tablet setup (old useless nook color with cm11) as a main security hub. This has http get commands for home, night and away. It also has the status widget that shows the current status.

Good to note that when I first set this up in the panelStatus portion of code I did not have a delay and the push notification was coming in before ST updated mode. So I was not getting proper status so I used @geko 's myRunIn function for a 10 second delay. This may be able to be shortened, but I did not test that.

Cheers and let me know any feedback. geko I’m sure this will be fun for you to so give me any feedback for future help.

Anyone using sonos speaker for customizable alerts? I.e. Dog bark or voice alert. What audio options have been used successfully with this app? Thanks!

You can trigger Sonos notifications using virtual switch. Create a virtual switch and bind it to the Smart Alarm. Then, install “Sonos Notify with Sound” app and bind the switch to the app. When alarm occurs the Smart Alarm app will turn on the switch that will, in turn, trigger Sonos notification.

I installed the Smart Alarm on my Hub. When I went into the GUI and setup the alarm. Hit the DONE soft button, I get this this: An Unexpected error has occurred. What gives?

Have you enabled OAuth in IDE?

I followed the instructions, and the ST IDE site says the SmartAPP was successfully published for me. When I got into the ST iOS APP, click the circle with the + in it, and swipe all the way to left, I do not see “MY APPS” - the last thing on that swipe list is “MORE”. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here? Or does it just need time to clear ST’s servers before it hits my ST APP?

Please log out and restart SmartThings mobile app.

Didn’t think of that … that fixed it, it’s loaded now.

Starting to set up Smart Alarm now - VERY excited about this!

I just installed my ST system this afternoon, just figured out how to setup lights / motions / sensors the way I wanted, then stumbled on the thread for Smart Alarm and already have that installed now.

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I am stuck, I have the updated app ready to go in the IDE but I cannot get the updated version on “My Apps” screen on my phone. It continues to show version 1.0.0
Any suggestions? I have signed out and back in but no dice.

Make sure you publish it in the IDE. If nothing helps, reinstall it on smartphone.

@geko - This is awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for!!

SMART ALARM completed my ST system! If it wasn’t for this smart app, I would not be as happy with my ST system.

It performs better than my app did - love that it kicks on just as I pull out of the subdivision, and turns off just as I pull back in the sub heading home. No more fumbling around in an app trying to turn off the alarm, eyes are now on the road, and not trying to turn on / off an alarm system app.

The auto on at night worked as expected last night, as did the auto off when I woke up this morning. Just outside of my bedroom door, the living room motion sensor saw me this morning, changed modes from night to morning, turned on some lights, unlocked a door and turned off the alarm - perfection!


When I switched to ST I never imagined that within 24 hours I’d be loading smart apps like this, and then this afternoon I found the MyQ device and created that in my ST APP as well. Really loving the whole ST experience right now!

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Hey @Ben, I don’t mean to be a pest, but is the a chance Smart Alarm will be “official” any time soon soon? :smile:
I submitted it about two month ago and haven’t heard a word. Thanks!

I have had it open much of the day. I am surprised you haven’t resubmitted any of your changes you have been making. It won’t delay it any longer if you do. Hoping to get it out for everyone to enjoy, soon.

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I will be downloading it soon! Thx

Done. I didn’t realize I was supposed to re-submit it. Thanks!

Is there still time to add the option for “Flashing Lights” like the older Smart Security has?


Any updates about ST picking up Smart Alarm officially?

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Hay Ben! When will ST finally make Smart Alarm official?

It’s being reviewed. I expect it to be approved soon.

I have to say it is one of my favorite SmartApps, I have @geko you did an awesome job with it.