Smart alarm - deactivate by unlocking lock

Hello. I switched to smartthings a little over a year ago from lowes Iris. I loved everything about their security setup. I was able to deactive the alarm mode by unlocking the door. I want to do this with the smart alarm app. I have it set to deactive the alarm when switched to home mode. I was going to create a routine to switch to home mode and have it automatically active when a door is unlocked. It doesn’t seem like this is an option.
If you can think of any way to get this to work, that would be great. If not, what are you doing to deactive the alarm? I let out dogs out every morning and don’t want the alarm to wake up anyone if I forget to push the remote button.

Are you using any Alexa devices? Do you have s connected speaker?

I am working on the next release of EchoSistant and it will have some SHM features:

Voice activated arm with delay for exit delay.
Voice activated delayed entry with password.
Announcement and notifications that that you have xx seconds until alarm triggering.

Not sure if this is exactly what you need, but if you give me some ideas I can probably with them into it.

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This is awesome to hear. I’m actually looking for the best way to set the alarm to off. With lowes Iris, I had it set to automatically deactivate by unlocking the door lock. This is perfect for me because I let the dogs out every morning first thing. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that

Be on the lookout for EchoSistant version 4. It will not be available until then.

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I still need help! Any recommendations?

Lock Code Manager can do this. It can run Hello Home actions. Warning its a little slow, maybe 2-3 seconds. Usually it has ran be the time the bolt retracts.

Lock code manager @desertblade refers to is the FREE version of lock management.

I use @RBoy code / apps. You have to pay for some of his software / code. I personally think it is worth it, others not so much. His has worked great for me, I have my home switch from away and such upon door being unlocked.
You can also set actions based on a specific codes being used. Depends on your smart lock model and it’s capabilities as to how much you can do.

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Should also mention that you will need to change out your Device Handler for your door lock.

The feature parity between the Open Source and RBoys solutions are pretty similar. RBoy does provide direct support while Lock Manager uses community support.

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This one runs on the stock device handler, doesn’t hurt to use the enhanced device handler but most features work fine with the stock.

Is that going to be strictly Echo or will Google Home work as well?

This is an Alexa skill… unfortunately. I do not have a GH to work with.

Gotcha… okay.