Smart Adapter HD2018GH showing Error code: 15-200

Hello there,
I have been trying for last 1 week, I bought this washer and dryer 11 months before from Costco online , it was mentioned wifi enabled but it is not :frowning: Costco has no ear to listen on this product then just purchased these two adapters. While setting up those I had an issue with washer while connecting with SmartThings and Dryer was worked. Then I swap both adapters to dryer and washer now I have this error. Totally disappointed with configuration settings and my washer and dryer.


This forum was set up several years ago so customers could help other customers. You might get a quicker answer for appliances if you try the official Samsung help forum, which is staffed by employees.

Of course if someone here happens to know the answer, hopefully they’ll chime in.