Smallest smart power outlet

(Acastal) #1

The new ST smart power outlet looks pretty small. Is there anything smaller that plugs in (not wanting to replace the outlet)?

(esung) #2

For now ST’s looks the most compact and least intrusive one. Wish they could become even smaller in the future, like an iPhone charger cube size.

(Ben Edwards) #3

While not smaller, I have used these GE outdoor ones for some areas where there isn’t clearance for the regular smart outlets. Also these extenders.

(esung) #4
Also these extenders.

Which extenders? They are both linked to GE outdoor outlet. Thanks.

(Acastal) #5

I already have the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch but am looking to plug something into a kitchen under cabinet plug mold and the aeon one is too bulky. I think I’ll try the ST one.