Small Mixer for Computer Input

I know this is not quite a SmartThings question; but I bet some one here can help.

I have three or four audio sources, including a Sonos Connect, that I want to input into my computer which only has one audio input. I would like to get a small, set-and-forget, mixer to handle this. I don’t need XLR or 1/4-inch inputs.

Any recommendations?

I use an Allen & Heath Zed10fx. It’s great as a little PC audio interface and mixer to go between my Home Theater and PC.

This one will work great for your needs.

Almost all mixers are going to have XLR and/or quarter inch inputs. It would be helpful to know what sort of audio source input You are needing to support. It’s possible you are probably going to need if you want to use a mixer to convert I’m assuming probably 3.5 mm stereo to dual quarter inch mono to get into a mixer. Now having said that a good mixer for that application for for inputs would be the Berenger xenix QX1202USB

I have its Big Brother the Xenyx X2442USB And it’s worked flawless for me for years.

The one I linked has rca inputs…

Close but looking at that picture it looks like channel 4 might be 1/4 inch input. And there is no USB…

JUST MIXER 5 with Bluetooth Input & USB Audio Output - Compact USB Powered Stereo Desktop Mixer with 5 In (3.5mm / Bluetooth on CH1) and 3 Out (3.5mm / RCA/USB)

Might be more fitting…