SMA Inverters and Smartthings


I saw yesterday that you can link SMA photovoltaic systems and inverters in Smartthings.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
I only get data displayed sporadically.
Is there somewhere to configure this?

Thank you!

No one who hat Sma and Smartthings?

Thanks for the tip! I’ve just quickly linked my SMA inverter and ST. No wattage reported so far… have to dig into this later when I have more time.
Edit: the data (Watts) seems to refresh every 30 minutes.

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I’ve linked my SMA PV system with SmartThings before. It can be a bit finicky with data updates—I noticed that too. For configuration, you might want to check the SmartThings app settings or even the SMA inverter settings to ensure everything’s synced up properly.

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Hey Andrey,

where do you set the parameters for ST or SMA? I have the feeling that the data is updated too rarely (only once an hour).
Thank you!

I’ve had the connection running for 2 weeks now. The synchronisation is a catastrophe. It syncs about every 60 minutes.
Can you set the interval anywhere? I haven’t found anything in the ST app or in my.smatthings.

I don’t have this device, but the lack of frequent updates is common with cloud to cloud integrations.

If you manually refresh the device in the ST App does the data update? To manually refresh most device open the device tile and pull down from near the top of the details page. You will momentarily see 4 dots in a circle.

If that works you can set up a Rule in the SmartThings API or SharpTools to automatically refresh the device every X minutes. SmartThings Routines can NOT be used.

No, I don´t have the opportunity to refresh the device… :pensive:

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Hello all!

Does anyone have any idea how to change the synchronisation time?