Slowness in zwave and hub doesn't respond to ping

Starting about 1-2 weeks ago automations for movement started to slow down.
The IDE says 5+ devices (out of 100+) är offline but they are working, for example my Ikea motion sensor says offline but activating it turns on the light but with a very long delay 0.5-5 minutes.
The hub doesn’t respond to Ping from the IDE, nor Reboot or Zwave repair?

This is what I get when doing a Ping from IDE

The hub responded 11286997.572 seconds ago, on Thu Mar 04 20:35:40 UTC 2021

With that said, scenes and other automations work as they should.
Hub rebooted, router and fiberconverter rebooted but no change.

What should I do?

Ping was discontinued on March 4, 2021 but that command was not removed from IDE.

If you run z-wave repair from the app, are there any errors? I believe you were saying it would not run from IDE but you can also access it from the app > Devices > menu in the upper left of the screen > All Devices > your hub > 3 dots in upper right of screen > z-wave utilities

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:rofl: I see, that would explain why Ping isn’t working then…

No errors from the Network repair.

IKEA devices are Zigbee, not zwave, so the Z wave repair utility doesn’t affect them in any way.

Zwave repair doesn’t say anything is wrong, it says started and then finished a while later, not even mentioning the zwaves (Fibaro Switch 2 for example) that is marked as offline…
When you do the zwave repair, normally the search for zwnetworkrepair shows you the start and finish but now I have to go into the event for the hub and use “find on page” to fidn the start and finish which is a bit odd but it gets the job done. :slight_smile:

Might have found the least common denominator for the slowness from Zigbee motion sensors however. All affected meshed through an IKEA bulb that’s marked offline, but still works…
Doesn’t explain the zwave units showing as offline though

No you are correct and I thing I found the issue with the slowness for those but I still don’t get why some zwave things are offline but working… :slight_smile:

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What do you believe your issue was? Starting a couple weeks ago I too began seeing massive slowdowns. This coincided with switching all 150+ devices over to the new hub after they deprecated the V1 hub. Support tells me they believe it’s an issue with security protocols on a mix of z-wave devices.

They think the old hub didn’t use security encryption, so the devices that did have security were downgraded to work without security…so they all worked together in the mesh.

Now that security is supported, half my z-wave devices won’t talk to the other half…so I have massive lag.

I don’t know how to tel which ones are secure, and/or how to change that.

Sorry for jacking the thread, just trying to see if your issues were similar.

I just responded to you about this specific issue in your other thread: