SleepyTime and UP3

Ok. So I pre-ordered an Up3 and finally got it. I held out for as long as I could. I had an Up24 for a short while and it was working great with SmartThings and the SleepyTime Smart app. I no longer have the Up24 (it broke), but I do have the Up3. It connects to SmartThings just fine. It updates the steps and activity logs. When I connected the Up3 to my ST system I had no problems, but the Up3 will not work with the SleepyTime app. One reason I thought might be because there is no physical button like the Up24. So on the Up3 you tap the face and you wake it up and then you can change the modes by taping. From the looks of it the SleepyTime app looks to the UP app to see if you are in sleep or awake mode. Does it matter which Up app you use. I know that there is a different app for the Up24 and one for the new Up2, Up3, and Up4. I have been unsuccessful at trying to get the Up3 and the SleepyTime app to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Check this out for more info…

What @smart said. up integration for my UP24, which had been working great, broke a few days ago.

Write and report your issues, they’re collecting data on it right now.

Looks like every kind of integration is falling apart. :frowning:

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I have a UP3 and read where these devices could be setup to have ST send a text message when “a button was pushed.” The UP3 does not have a button but it does respond to taps. I

I have the UP3 paired to ST app on my Android device, (all current apps and the band firmware was recently updated too.). I added a app called" Button Controller to the Jawbone UP device but nothing is going. I don’t really know if or how to make this thing send a text alert when it is tapped or double tapped or pressed on or such.

I don’t know what this “SleepyTime” is. There appears to be a Jawbone UP app built in.

Any help is very welcome.

Jawbone newer models detects sleep automatically or thru their native mobile app. So there’s no pushing of buttons anymore except to intercept an alarm. So not sure if button controller, sleepy time etc. will work anymore except for step notifier.

Sleepy time is a smartapp provided by smart things to add cloud to cloud integration to a jawbone device.

Mine worked really well from about January until March, and then started failing every month or so. Then about two months ago, integration stop working at all. I reported it to support but they didn’t have a fix.

The jawbone continues to work fine with its own app, I just don’t have integration with smartthings anymore.

I’m not sure what the current official position is on this now but support will know.

Write to

updated to add

OK the current official position is that only the discontinued “UP24” model is supported, and that that integration is still in beta (“Labs”). If the Sleepytime smartapp does not work, support will suggest using the deprecated “button controller” smartapp instead, but since that one is scheduled to go away eventually, that’s kind of a slippery slope.

Hi, just to dig up an old thread - i have 2 Up3’s arriving today in the UK and wondered if there was any more progress on this? I was super excited when i installed the Jawbone app just now and stumbled over the Iftt, Nest & SmartThings integrations. When i clicked through to auth the app with ST, it still states ‘Authorize jawbone Up24 to access ST’ and then fails to do anything when i select my ST location with the following error “Client is not associated with a SmartApp in location [name of my location]”

Is the up3 not able to integrate at all or am i missing something really obvious in the auth process?

Thanks in advance

See the official “works with SmartThings” list. Jawbone is still in lab status and still only lists the up 24. You can contact support to see what they say.

Hi room

Given the cheap prices of the Jawbone Up2 and Up3 over Christmas - has anyone made a device handler and app for these yet?