Sleep timers and auto dimmer woes

I was using WEMO products for a few years and was getting sick of the lag and Rule problems not working. I have owned the Smartthings v2 for about 5 days and so far im not really sure i like the device. On the wemo app there was custom sleep timers intergrated into the app that worked flawlessly. I have searched for a “smartapp” and cant seem to find what i am looking for here. I liked the possibility to have greater control over my system, but that doesnt seem to really be true here. I can add more devices sure, but it seems this platform is really limited and kind of confusing. Can any of you pull me off of the ledge? :disappointed:

ST takes a little time to find your way and get used to where things are and how they’re presented, but a SmartApp exists somewhere to do just about anything you can think of. You might need to some copy/paste of code to get the most functionality, but you don’t have to understand or write anything yourself unless that interests you.

When you say “sleep timers” what do you mean? Schedule based timers? Turn off device A, X minutes after it turns on.

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So i liked the ability in the wemo app to click on a bulb, then set a custom sleep timer for said bulb. Basically when you set the sleep timer, a countdown started and the bulb would slowly dim over the allotted time, so if it was 50% and i set the timer for 10 minutes it would step down to 0% from 50% over 10 minutes.

I tried to integrate github so i could copy code and customize things, but it doesnt seem to want to let me copy paste code. Im probably doing something wrong. So far i got the smarttiles working though which is really handy. I just wish i could make more complex commands, because i like the automation, i also like being able to control my lights manually.

That is a nice feature! I don’t think anything like that exists right now, at least not that allows a custom timer and be done from within the bulb “view”. There’s a SmartApp called Gentle Wake Up that I think you could use to have the bulb dim down over time like that though and can be triggered in several different ways.

ST is really designed for automation and not control, which is why someone created SmartTiles in the first place. The good thing is that something like SmartTiles can be created though!

If the Wemo bulbs are the zigbee bulbs and directly connected to ST, I could help you modify the deviceType that would enable this function directly from the bulb view by using a slider to select the time in minutes and a button to start the process.

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It is a great feature. Would you be able to direct me to someone that could help implementing this into a “smartapp”? If the wemo programmers were able to make it, someone here must be able to figure it out. I am getting the hang of things, but even with “smarttiles” and the gentle wake up app doesnt seem to want to work for me. I have it all setup in the smart apps section and it never runs.

Are these Wemo bulbs or switches? And are they still connected through the Wemo hub/system or directly connected to ST?

These are OSRAM 60W dimmable bulbs, I do have some WEMO bulbs that turn off with a dim function so it isnt abrupt, not sure why one is smooth and the other is abrubt. I can only link them to one hub at a time. I had them on my wemo link but it wouldnt pair to my ST without resetting. So i reset them and connected them to my ST.

It could be a hardware based difference or could be a difference in how the devicetypes are coded. Devicetypes are typically device specific, so the Osram and Wemo bulbs are probably using different ones. You can see what devicetype is being used in the developer IDE and can be accessed from the following page (top right for login/sign up).

If you let me know what devicetype each is using, I might be able to help you get the custom sleep timer function integrated.

I just copy pasted for the one bulb. Is this what you were asking for?

« Home Location
« Bedroom Group
New Device
OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W Device Bedroom Left Bulb
Name OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W
Label Bedroom Left Bulb
Type ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb
Version Published
Zigbee Id 84182600000292AA
Device Network Id 3585
Hub Home Hub
Group Bedroom
Last Activity At 2015-12-10 4:40 PM UTC
Date Created 2015-12-08 3:12 AM UTC
Last Updated 2015-12-08 5:15 PM UTC
Data No data found for device
Raw Description 03 0104 0102 00 09 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0300 0B04 FC0F 01 0019
Current States
switch: off
level: 40
colorTemperature: 2703
colorName: Soft White
Events List Events
In Use By
Smart tiles (SmartTiles [1])
Nick Alarm Wake Up (Gentle Wake Up)
Bedroom Lights 40% (Phrase)
Bedroom Off (Lighting Automation)
Bedroom Lights Off (Phrase)

Just needed this part, but yes. Does this bulb dim slowly or transition instantly?

This one transitions instantly. The wemo bulbs are labeled “ZigBee Dimmer” and when i turn them on or off they gradually over a few seconds turn on and off. I remade the dimmer rule using two different smartapps one for each side of my bed. I was going to report back in the am if one worked properly.

Any luck with this? I’m really missing out on being able to click a button and have my lights dim to off over a set amount of time. I’ve got an app running as a work around for my bedroom lamp but it would be nice to be able to do it straight from the bulb for all of my bulbs.

nope. No matter what i do, the bulb never runs.